Tractor protest, ‘funeral’ staged for agriculture sector in Polistena


By John

A thousand people, including many students from the city schools, took part this morning in a demonstration called by farmers in front of the Polistena cemetery. An initiative, symbolically announced for the “burial” of the agricultural sector, in which around ten mayors of the Piana participated. The demonstrators arrived near the entrance to the cemetery with a coffin filled with agricultural products and a funeral poster. The children were given oranges and mandarins, the symbol of the Rosarno plain. Numerous interventions from the first citizens and some local associations. Everyone expressed their solidarity with the battles that farmers are waging across half of Europe against the policies of the European Community. In front of almost 100 tractors the demonstrators announced that they will continue the protest. The arrival at the Rosarno roundabout which has become the logistical base for the movement of tractors is scheduled for tomorrow morning; The arrival of the President of the Regional Council is expected Roberto Occhiuto.