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Gramophones will play tunes by legendary performers from the early 20th century.

ten ideas for enjoying Nuit Blanche

For its first spring edition, this Saturday, June 3, the Nuit blanche will sail around the Seine in a program that leaves a lot of …

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Patrick Henry at his trial at the Assizes, January 19, 1977, in Troyes.

historical trial, tales, Iranian lives…

THE MORNING LIST Today, we invite you to immerse yourself in the trial of Patrick Henry – which was the death penalty – and the …

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Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, in Berlin, December 4, 2012.

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, the man who inspired the film “Intouchables”, is dead

The quadriplegic businessman had befriended his carer, before inspiring the film Untouchables, released in 2011. Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, who became a writer, died on …

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