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“Out of Egypt” (2021), by Malgorzata Mirga-Tas.

With “Barvalo”, the MuCEM composes a hymn to Romani cultures

Planted halfway, a caravan without wheels summarizes the great journey that led to the realization of the exhibition dedicated to Roma, Gypsies, Sinti and Manouches, …

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Jacques Rozier, at the Festival Cinéma - Itinérances in Alès (Gard), in March 1996.

The filmmaker Jacques Rozier, figure of the New Wave, is dead

Jacques Rozier died on Friday June 2 at the age of 96, confirmed to the World his collaborator, Saturday. This great dreamer before the Eternal …

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Maria Pagés, in June 2022.

Maria Pagés, the flamenco star in the footsteps of Scheherazade

A chant climbs like a flame in the darkness. A harsh female voice wraps around a solitary figure whose crown of silver hair shines in …

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