Vacation accommodation: why broaden your horizons?


By John

The Christmas vacations are fast approaching, and guess what, even the following vacation isn’t that far away. So it’s urgent to plan your next trip. And that preparation includes choosing the right accommodation. This is a major element of any vacation, just as important as the activities to be enjoyed on site or the mode of transport chosen to get there.

Faced with this problem, which boils down to “where can we sleep?”, a number of tools are now available. These include various platforms and search engines. Let’s see what they have in store for us in terms of functionality, but above all results.

Hosting search applications: what to look out for?

Mobile applications, specialized search engines: all, without exception, promise to offer a wider choice of hosting options and the best prices. That’s what everyone wants when they start looking for a site. But once on the chosen site or application, what functional elements should make the difference, and why?

The heart of the matter lies in the ability of the tool used to interrogate as many reliable external sources as possible, and to bring up and display the results.

A site like cozycozy, to take just one very telling example, will present the user with results from a large number of sources with specific content. In this way, users are sure to see a large number of homes with very different characteristics compiled in front of them. But what’s the point?

The benefits are threefold:

  • more qualified results, so more chances of finding the right home;
  • a wide variety of housing types;
  • the ability to compare different options, some of which are very different from each other, which would not be possible elsewhere.

Accommodation: compare everything, even what is often considered incomparable

Of course, price is undoubtedly one of the most important criteria for the buyer. And it’s precisely here that the functional dimension expresses all its power for the user experience. Whereas you wouldn’t normally have dared or been able to look at and compare a hotel and a furnished vacation rental taking into account their potential prices, you can now do so directly. All the data is at the same level. All you have to do is filter them if you wish. So it’s impossible to miss an interesting opportunity, whether in terms of price, quality or features.

More choice for your usual searches

At the end of the day, the most important thing is what should always be important: you and your wishes. Only the location, dates and number of travelers matter. There’s no reason to lock yourself into a platform that will only offer one type of accommodation.

Can you imagine the time and effort it would have taken you to compare that 3-star downtown hotel with that modern, comfortable villa just a few blocks away? How would you have known that those five nights near Times Square, in the heart of New York, in that magnificent apartment would cost you less than that motel more than 10 km from downtown? This kind of tool gives you the opportunity to think bigger and better about your stay, and not stick to your own habits, thinking that they can’t change anyway.