End-of-year vacations: why choose Costa Rica and how to visit it?


By John

If you like to get off the beaten track and make unusual choices for your end-of-year vacations, it’s probably worth seriously considering a destination like Costa Rica. Still confidential, authentic and untouched by the crowds of other countries, Costa Rica offers a multitude of good reasons to visit, whether you’re alone, a couple or a group. Here we look at why it’s such an attractive vacation destination, and how to make the most of your future visit to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica: a thousand wonders at your fingertips, with the right rental car

What could be better than a change of scenery and a break from the daily grind by opting for a dream destination not yet overrun by tourists? With Costa Rica, you’re sure to make the right choice. A Central American country at the cutting edge of what’s possible in many areas, not least the environment. But before We give you the many reasons to stay here for a well-deserved vacation break, let’s talk about one practical aspect: the best way to get there. 

Arriving at Juan Santamaría International Airport is one thing, but getting around Costa Rica is quite another: to take full advantage of all the wonders this natural gem has to offer, it’s best to take a Jumbocar costa rica rent a car, located just outside the airport. 

A rental agency will enable you to adapt your vehicle to the number of travelers. You can generally rent any type of vehicle, even SUVs and 4×4s are highly recommended. Indeed, while not all roads are in excellent condition, it’s all the more important to keep in mind that some tours will require you to leave the main roads. But, as you will have understood, the road remains the best way to access all the wonders of a territory that is not so vast.

Wedged between the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, Costa Rica offers those lucky enough to set foot in the country a majestic natural heritage. A veritable jewel of greenery, mountains and sandy coastline as far as the eye can see, it stands apart from its neighbors Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. 

From the capital, San José, to the waterfalls of Volcan Tenorio and Volcan Poas national parks, the flora and fauna create idyllic scenes. Here, you can explore by car and then on foot, enjoying every moment of the lush landscape.

Costa Rica’s culture is rich in millennia of history, blending indigenous Amerindian traditions with Spanish influence dating back to the 16th century. Costa Rica is also a model of peace and social progress in many areas. At the cutting edge of environmental protection and renewable energies, it’s a destination of choice for anyone looking for a paradise to settle in for a few days, a vacation or longer.

So don’t hesitate and set off on a vacation to discover a country that’s well worth the detour: enjoy total freedom during your stay in the tropics, moving from place to place with the ease of a rental car.