20-year-old Alessio Giannaccari found dead in the Amsterdam metro: camera footage being examined


By John

Alessio Giannaccari, the 20-year-old from Lecce found dead last March near the tracks of the Holendrecht metro station in Amsterdam, was alone when he entered the station gate and in the minutes he remained there there would have been no meeting.

This is what emerges from the footage of some security cameras at the Dutch station which allegedly filmed the young man from Salento entering the station and then heading to a point far from the metro stop. These are the last images of him alive and which are leading Dutch investigators to exclude the involvement of other people.

The young man may have been hit by a train. Now the hypotheses of a voluntary gesture or a tragic fatality are being put forward. At the beginning of the year, Alessio moved to Holland where he had recently found a job as a waiter in a restaurant. Meanwhile, the Dutch authorities have given the green light for the body to be returned to his family. The arrival in Salento is expected this weekend.