6.1 magnitude earthquake in China: at least 113 dead. Taiwan offers aid to Beijing


By John

The toll from the 6.1 magnitude earthquake that struck north-western China continues to rise: 127 deaths have been confirmed so far while rescuers continue to dig through the rubble of collapsed houses. State media reported that the quake killed at least 113 people and injured more than 530 in Gansu province. Another 14 deaths and 198 injuries were recorded in Haidong, in neighboring Qinghai province. According to state broadcaster CCTV, the earthquake damaged more than 155,000 buildings.

Taiwan offers aid to China, condolences for the earthquake in Gansu

The president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, expressed her “most sincere condolences to all those who lost loved ones in the recent earthquake in north-west China”, which occurred last night, causing so far, given the powerful magnitude of 6.2, around 130 victims in the provinces of Gansu and Qinghai. “We pray that all those affected receive the aid they need and hope for a speedy recovery. Taiwan stands ready to offer assistance in the disaster response effort,” Tsai added, in a post on X.

Despite Beijing’s cancellation of dialogue since she came to power in 2016, Tsai posted a message of solidarity, giving full availability – as she has done in the past in other natural disasters – to send rescue teams to the island , very expert on the subject given the highly seismic characteristics of Taipei. China considers Taiwan an “inalienable” part of its territory to be reunified even by force, if necessary. Tsai was harshly targeted by the communist leadership, accused of promoting an independence policy at the expense of US geopolitical interests. The president is now at the end of her second term and she will no longer be able to run again, according to constitutional limits. Presidential and general elections will be held on January 13, 2024, followed very closely by Beijing.

Putin’s condolences to Xi for the victims of the earthquake

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered his “deep” condolences to Chinese leader Xi Jinping following the earthquake that caused at least 118 deaths in North East China. The Kremlin made it known. “In Russia, we share the pain of those who lost their loved ones in the disaster and hope for a quick recovery for all the injured,” Putin said in a message to Xi as communicated by the Kremlin.