Akademia Messina defeated in tie-break in Mondovì. Bonafede: “We lacked experience in the decisive moment”


By John

In the fifth first round of the Pool Promozione, coach Bonafede’s girls stopped in the tie-break, overtaken at the “PalaManera” by Lpm Bam Mondovì. Third place in the standings maintained but now the advantage over Macerata has been reduced to just one point. And on Sunday the return round begins with another away match against Ipag Sorelle Ramonda Montecchio. Coach Fabio Bonafede: “Game hard fought and well played by both teams. Nothing to say about our performance.” And on their opponents: “They deserve a different ranking.”

A tie-break defeat arrives for Akademia Città Di Messina. In the last first round of the Pool Promozione, coach Bonafede’s girls stop in the decisive set, defeated by Lpm Bam Mondovì on the taraflex of the “PalaManera”.

The Messina team were forced to chase after having conceded the first set to their opponents, but were brilliantly able to win the second and third, controlling the various phases of the match well and proving that they deserved their current position in the rankings. In the fourth set, the reaction of the hosts produced a partial development played point by point and decided to take advantage of the greater clarity of Mondovì’s “pumine”. The tie-break is almost a natural continuation of what was seen in the previous partial, again decided by details favorable to the Piedmontese team.

In the starting six, for the home team of Mondovì, coach Basso relies on Allasia, his opposite number Decortes, center backs Farina and Riparbelli, place 4 Lux and Grigolo, libero Tellone; for Messina coach Bonafede deploys Galletti as director, opposite Payne, central defenders Martinelli and Modestino, place 4 Joly and Battista, libero Maggipinto. Departure in P3 for Mondovì, in P1 for Messina.

In the first set, break for the hosts, after Decortes’ winning attack and Modestino’s error (5-3). He recovers Messina and takes the lead on Messina’s central ace and Grigoli’s error (8-10). Payne scores two points in succession, in attack and on the block (9-12). Riparbelli replies in Messina, drawing the wildcard from nine metres, while a block from Martinelli allows the guests to maintain the double advantage (11-13). Allasia catches a lucky upper edge of the net on serve, Decortes sinks the shot from place 2 (16-14). Messina remains close behind, but Mondovì finds the +3 on an invasion of the opponents’ goal (20-17); coach Bonafede calls a time-out. Upon returning, Battista hits parallel and deep from place 2 (20-18). A support from Lux along the line and Decortes, this time from place 4, keep Mondovì ahead with a safe margin (23-20) and coach Bonafede calls the second time-out. A block by the American Lux allows the home team to win four set points (24-20); the first one is missed by Lux in service, the second by Decortes; on this occasion coach Basso stops the game. The American spiker makes amends a few moments later,