Amantea, breaks the glass and attacks the clinic employee


By John

More attacks on workers in the healthcare sector. An administrative employee on duty at the single booking center of the Amantea clinic of the Provincial Health Authority of Cosenza was subjected to physical and verbal aggression by a user. The incident happened last Friday inside the health facility of the municipality of the Tirreno area of ​​Cosenza.

The attacker reportedly he violently threw himself with his bare hands against the glass partition that separates the staff from the public, causing damage to the shielding, which was shattered, with splinters also partially hitting the worker. In addition to suffering injuries, the employee also suffered serious threats which caused him an understandable state of anxiety and worry. What triggered the patient’s reaction was the employee’s invitation to respect the queue and the numerical order of the users in the queue, so as to allow the service to be carried out regularly. The Carabinieri intervened on site and identified the perpetrator of the crime and acquired every element useful for ascertaining the facts.