Amendolara injures herself with the motor hoe. A serious farmer


By John

Farmer injures his legs with a motor hoe. Tragedy was touched on land in the Colfari district, a town located near State Road 106 on the border with Capo Spulico Rose Garden. GV, a local, from what we learned, was plowing his farm with a small agricultural vehicle, not far from the house where he lives with his family.
A job he has been doing for a long time, which he knows like the back of his hand, considering that the man is a tireless worker who wakes up at dawn every morning, to bring home bread and give dignity to his family and children. But something went wrong. The mechanical plow, the friend of many days of toil and sweat, under the scorching sun or the pouring rain, turned against him, ending up on his tired legs which were battered and seriously injured.

In a pool of blood, he managed to raise the alarm, which was immediately picked up by his wife and children, who, with a lump in their throats and fear in their hearts, alerted 118. From the Pet station of the “Guido Chidichimo” hospital in Trebisacce, in red code, with a blue flashing light on, with sirens blaring, an ambulance arrived, but the medical team on board immediately realized the poor man's serious health. That he was treated and above all put in a position not to lose any more blood so as not to create further damage and risks to his health. In the meantime, considering the very critical scenario, and the urgency of immediately reaching a hospital with an operational operating block, the Bruzia headquarters of the Suem was asked to urgently send the air ambulance which landed on the banks of the Ionian Sea loading GV, which was He was transported to the Annunziata hospital in Cosenza and immediately transferred to the operating room where the surgeons attempted to reconstruct the limbs damaged by the terrible “teeth” of the agricultural tool. Many friends of the unfortunate victim and the Carabinieri stationed at the Roseto Capo Spulico station, responsible for the area, arrived at the scene of the accident, led by Commander Marco Carafa to investigate the case and to ensure the safe landing of the rescue aircraft.