Bridge over the Strait, Caminiti: “We need a system vision”


By John

«If we start working on a system vision of the area then we can truly govern a phase of change». The mayor of Villa San Giovanni said it Giusy Caminiti at the end of the meeting with the CEO of Ponte sull'Sretto Pietro Ciucci.

«The most important request that emerged today, and confirmed by regional councilor Staine in making the technical structures of the Calabria Region available, as the Metropolitan City will do – he added – is to make available the structures that we lack. We want to be able to examine such an important project and provide clear and well-founded opinions, despite the decision to equip ourselves with a larger Commission comprising engineers, landscape architects, urban planners, a geologist and environmental engineers, because we aim to have, if it must be the most beautiful project in the world.”