Calabria, the “cards” on Autonomy are revealed in the Regional Council


By John

It is the day of the debate on differentiated autonomy in the Regional Council. The debate on the much-discussed reform being examined by Parliament will take place today at Palazzo Campanella. It is very likely that more motions will arrive in the Chamber, a sign that the work of the majority and opposition bridge leaders carried out in recent days has not had the desired effects. What complicates the picture (quite a bit) is the electoral event on the horizon. The choices of individual parties will inevitably be influenced by the June elections and the need not to lose consensus.
And therefore the climate of the eve is full of tensions and questions. Like those aroused by the document of the Calabrian Episcopal Conference on the subject. The CGIL announced a sit-in in front of the Spaceship, home of the highest Calabrian elective assembly. “Tomorrow (today, ed) – the general secretary Angelo Sposato makes it clear – there is a debate which will put to the test the said and unsaid of Occhiuto and his courage on differentiated autonomy. Our challenge is to ensure that the Regional Council can approve a united motion against differentiated autonomy and understand whether the things that are said are true or are just electoral tactics on the part of Forza Italia, which must express a precise position in Parliament against a law that splits the country and penalizes Calabria and the South.”
The main attention is focused precisely on the Azzurri, led by governor Roberto Occhiuto. The President of the Region continues to ask for guarantees for the protection of the rights of the South and to repeat like a mantra that without resources (“no money, no party”) it will be difficult to vote “yes” to the League's flag measure. On Differentiated Autonomy everything, or a lot, is once again at stake on the exam times with the deadline of the European vote which inevitably affects the moves of the parties. A few days ago it was Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who gave the line: on autonomy proceed with judgment, the government is “far from putting pressure on Parliament”. Pacts respected for now by the Azzurri: no amendment has in fact arrived from the party in the House commission. But a part of Forza Italia makes it clear that they are still keeping their hands free: «No amendments in the commission – warn the Calabrian Francesco Cannizzaro and the Bell member Annarita Patriarca – but the Chamber is still there». Furthermore “we will have the opportunity to evaluate the many amendments presented by the opposition”.