Captain Ultimo takes off his balaclava and uncovers his face after 31 years THE VIDEO


By John

“After 31 years I discover the face”. Captain Ultimo for the first time in years, he revealed his face today at the Quirino theater in Rome to face the electoral campaign without masks for «Libertà», the list created by Cateno De Luca. Sergio De Caprio, known as Captain Ultimo, is an Italian politician (he was also councilor for the Environment of the Calabria Region at the time of the presidency of Jole Santelli) and general, known for the arrest of Totò Riina, he has in fact never taken the balaclava since January 1993. «I uncover my face for the elections as an «act of love. This is how I did my job as a Carabiniere, this is how I will face this campaign”, he said.