Catanzaro, Katseris overtakes on the right. With Samp he deserves confirmation


By John

Against Cittadella he ran like a train on the tracks, unstoppable. Panos Katseris confirmed himself: he had played well in Bari, he repeated himself on Wednesday evening at the “Ceravolo”: attentive, courageous, at times cheeky, on the right wing: in one word, “good”, but a lot. Situm’s injury weighs heavily because the Croatian – compared to his counterparts in the role – has experience, quality and was a precious tactical resource to change structure based on situations and needs, but his colleague ten years younger is not making him regret . And after a good tournament in Serie C, Katseris is proving to be up to the task in B.
It would be enough to ask his direct marker, Carissoni of Cittadella, who almost never managed to catch him. «We tried in every way to win it following the coach’s requests, developed our game, but unfortunately we conceded a goal at the beginning of the first half with a somewhat similar shot and we didn’t manage it, even if we didn’t we suffered. It’s a shame, they were two points lost.”
He was the starter twice in a row, the twenty-two year old Greek who a year ago, having arrived on trial at the Camigliatello training camp, took a few days to convince sports director Magalini and coach Vivarini. The result? A three-year contract (until 2025) and fifteen appearances in the record championship, to which he contributed with a goal and two assists.
The first season in the Giallorossi proved to be a very useful apprenticeship, so much so that in the summer the idea of ​​sending him out on loan was not even taken into consideration: Katseris could be useful and, in fact, he is very useful: «My growth was important, I deserve the closeness and advice of my teammates, they are the ones who make me improve day by day. This year, then, I had the chance to take advantage of an opportunity and I think I can give even more. With Cittadella I entered the pitch calmly – he added –, I had the things that the coach had asked of me firmly in my head, so I did my job, I managed many times to skip the man and attack the depth, to put lots of balls for the attackers. We just missed the second goal.”
The point moved the ranking of a team, Catanzaro, which has already started up again (yesterday morning) because in two days it will be involved in a cult stadium, the “Ferraris” in Genoa, and against a cult opponent like Sampdoria: «If anyone four years ago, when I arrived in Italy, if he had told me that in the future I would play in Serie B, I would have told him that it wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t have believed it, it’s the truth.” Katseris expects a trip full of charm and equally tough, even if the over 2 thousand fans following him will try to lighten the distance from the “Ceravolo”: «The important thing about this square is the fans, always at our side. In Bari, for example, the home crowd was large, but when we turned away we saw and heard a lot of our fans too. We hope to feel the same way after the match against Sampdoria.” From the sports judge, a 2,500 euro fine to the club “for having its supporters, during the match, throw some empty plastic bottles into the playing area”.