Catanzaro, music and fun in the historic center with the surprise sets of Ottopiù


By John

You begin to make her love you, good first time! On the opening evening of the Christmas festival promoted by the Municipality of Catanzaro and entrusted to the artistic direction of Antonio Pascuzzothe OttoPiù marching band surprised the busy city amid the final preparations for Christmas, bringing its energy and the warmth of its contagious happiness to the heart of the historic center where it traced a route dotted with engaging flash mobs, which symbolically connected the dots among the various Christmas initiatives in Catanzaro.
A sequence of performances inspired by pure “situationism” which saw the marching band appear by magic on the terrace of the BNL building in Piazza Matteotti close to the Christmas village. The building of the historic Moderno hotel, which today houses not only the Bank but also the offices of the Court of Appeal, – thanks to the availability of the deputy president, Dr. Gabriella Reillo – in its wonderful view, it hosted the musicians who gave life to a set that surprised the citizens with their noses in the air.

The band then entered the former Stac building and then headed for an evocative set in the galleries of the San Giovanni monumental complex among the works exhibited in the “Genesi” event. The festive caravan then set off from San Giovanni to come across the Christmas train full of surprised and happy children; then a long set under the Christmas tree in Piazza Luigi Rossi, to warm the hearts of those waiting to attend a beautiful concert by the Conservatory Orchestra in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. And finally, the joyful improvisation in the heart of Pianicello where a beautiful neighborhood initiative authentically inspired by a Christmas of the past, welcomed them with wonder after the appearance of the band from the balconies of the houses surrounding the picturesque glimpse of an ancient Catanzaro , which among hugs, crepes, wines and dances was reminiscent of the set of a Kusturica film.


The event continues this evening in the heart of the nightlife, in Piazza La Russa, with the concert at 10pm by CiaoRino, not a Rino Gaetano cover band, but the one that with a historic concert in 1998 at the Verano in honor of the great singer-songwriter was able generate interest in the artist, with thousands of exciting concerts throughout Italy.

An artistic project born in 1999 from an idea of Alessandro D’Orazi And Gianfranco Mauto, two musicians passionate about the Calabrian singer-songwriter, to whom they later joined Paolo Fabbrocino, Peppe Mangiaracina, Giuseppe Russo And Riccardo Corso. More than a tribute band, CiaoRino revisits Rino Gaetano’s songs in a now unique and personal way, characterized by a shocking relevance, also given the far-sightedness of the lyrics and the themes covered.

CiaoRino, in its shows, thus reinterprets and proposes this entire repertoire, from the great successes (Gianna, Ma il cielo è semper più blu, Nuntereggae Più) to the most biting and committed songs (Mio fratello è bambini unico, Ti Ti Ti Ti, L worker of the Fiat 1100), passing through the more ironic and fun ones (Glu Glu, I love you Marianna, AD 4000 dC) up to the more delicate and intense songs (Sfiorivano le viole, Rosita, Io Scriverò, Cerco), bringing to the stage , after more than thirty years, the timeless music of the singer-songwriter who passed away in ’81. CiaoRino therefore does not imitate the original, it does not want to propose a leap into the past but to present “Rino” also to the new generations, through a show that is more than a concert, boasts countless attempts at imitation and, since 1999, it is simply “Ciao Rino ”!