Cateno De Luca at the Messina Democratic Party: “Enough with the hatred, I am the cure”


By John

There is talk about it in the corridors of the Municipality, including the newly reopened bar. He talks about it in the secretariats and it is discussed, animatedly, in WhatsApp groups (the most “lively” is that of the Messina Democratic Party). The theme of the day is the increasingly possible alliance between the Democratic Party, the 5 Star Movement and the South calls for the North, Cateno De Luca’s party. An alliance that is already solid within the Ars parliamentary chamber, which does not cause scandal in the other Sicilian cities, but which in Messina inevitably provokes different reactions. The strongest was that of the provincial coordination of the Democratic Party, in response to the press conference of the colleagues of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party in Palermo, who had essentially expressed the hope of exporting that alliance from Sala d’Ercole to the territories and , therefore, to the polls. All united, to defeat the center-right. And the Messina Democratic Party? «Cateno De Luca is incompatible with us», the blunt stance. But how unanimous? And how crucial, from the perspective of a strategy that obviously goes beyond the borders of a Messina which, today, electorally has a relative weight, in the internal dynamics of the Democratic Party? Obviously there are those who fan the flames.