Cosenza-Catanzaro, the scene is yours: here is the great Calabria derby with a view to the playoffs. All training doubts


By John

The incitement of a sea of ​​fans to dispel the taboo of the home championship derby. Cosenza can rely on its pack to try to win three important points. A fundamental loot not only for the classic parochial arguments but above all for the ranking. The Sila team have another great opportunity to get into the top eight of Serie B (or at least get close to them). A placement that would allow them to compete in the promotion playoffs at the end of the championship. An objective whispered by few but tempting by many.
Fabio Caserta's team, therefore, is awaiting another final exam after being revitalized by the away draw obtained at the “Tardini” against Parma in the midweek match. Up to now the click on the pedals to signal the upgrade has never occurred.
In Emilia, against the gialloblù, the Wolves played one of the best performances of this season. The 1-1 draw at the end of the match left a bad taste in the mouths of Micai and co because for the opportunities created, Cosenza certainly deserved something more. Now, however, we need to exploit the “Marulla effect”, contrary to what happened during the evening match against Sampdoria on 23 February. In that case, as happened previously, the rossoblù missed the last opportunity to make the big leap by projecting themselves into the new dimension. A chance wasted on a much awaited day. Expectations inevitably moved around the match against Vivarini's men, the first useful opportunity on the banks of the Crati to avenge that bitter disappointment.
And not only that, since in the last six home games Cosenza has only collected five points, the result of a victory (Venice), two draws (Parma and Pisa) and three defeats (Ternana, Como and Sampdoria). From December onwards, none of the rivals expressed worse internal numbers in the rankings. The growth highlighted, on the contrary, from January onwards away from Cosenza will have to be applied in front of the public of Faith Bruzia.
Taking the new step this afternoon, even more so, would have a strong symbolic value. It would also give considerable impetus to the final phase of the championship. In one fell swoop, the Caserta group could increase the distance from the fifth-to-last place (yesterday Ternana was defeated but today the threshold could be touched by Ascoli) and nibble away at those ahead of it (much, however, will depend on the results of Modena and Cittadella, playing at home against Cremonese and Pisa respectively). In fact, at the end of the break, the Cosenza team will face the Venetians and then Ternana and Brescia. The next 12 points, therefore, will take on a decisive weight in understanding what direction the path of Tutino and his companions will take.

The formations

The Neapolitan striker is obviously the most awaited player today because so far he has proved to be by far the main source of Sila's goals. Behind him Mazzocchi, Voca and Frabotta are nine goals behind. The number nine must find a reliable collaboration so that Cosenza's leap in quality in the final two months of the championship can be easier. At “Marulla”, however, the key to reaching the target has always been identified in the seven most recent matches.
To obtain the desired result, the Sila club chose the path of “silence”, as it has done too often in recent years. He wants to speak only through the pitch, which is what all his supporters also hope for.
In a match where motivations have a significant weight, Cosenza will have to demonstrate that they are hungrier than their opponent.

Cosenza's probable lineup

At least two training doubts on the eve. Caserta, who did not speak yesterday, will have to make the most difficult decisions from midfield up. The backward block, in fact, will not be touched. In midfield, Calò is a candidate to take the field again from the start. Zuccon and Praszelik could play on his sides but the Voca hypothesis remains in the background. In the offensive department, Marras' presence seems certain. The Genoese is an essential element for the coach from Melita. In the upper left lane, Caserta should rely on the liveliness of Antonucci, slightly favored over Mazzocchi. At the center of the attack, obviously, will be Tutino. Canotto and Forte will be the main weapons to refer to during the challenge if necessary.

The probable formation of Catanzaro

Three or four doubts in the Giallorossi 4-4-2. The first is overcome with the recovery of Antonini, regularly at the center of defense together with Scognamillo, who returns after the suspension. The second gravitates in the same department: Brighenti or Veroli? The first had some “little problems” in finishing, so room for the second (he also returns from the break) to fill the role of left back. On the right he touches Situm as usual. In midfield both Petriccione in the middle and Vandeputte on the left are indisputable, the other midfielder could be Pompetti, favored over Verna. Sounas and D'Andrea duel for the right wing. Next to Iemmello? Biasci is rested (another one returning from suspension) but how do you remove Ambrosino after Cittadella's excellent matches against Bari? (acm)