Cosenza, what a waste! Caracciolo freezes the rossoblù in recovery. Tutino’s goal is not enough


By John

Cosenza-Pisa 1-1

Markers: 16′ st Tutino, 50′ Caracciolo.

COSENZA (4-4-2): Micai 6.5; Gyamfi 6 (20′ st Viviani 5), Venturi 6, Camnporese 6.5, Frabotta 6.5; Marras 6.5, Zuccon 6 (10′ st Voca 7), Praszelik 5 (1′ st Calò 5.5), Florenzi 6 (10′ st Forte 6.5); Mazzocchi 6.5, Tutino 7 (77′ st Antonucci 5.5).

On the bench: Marson, Barone, Fontanarosa, D’Orazio, Occhiuto, Novello, Crespi.

Coach: Caserta.

Cosenza (4-4-2): Micai 6.5; Gyamfi 6 (20′ st Viviani 5.5), Camporese 6, Venturi 6, Frabotta 6.5; Marras 6, Zuccon 6.5 (10′ st Voca 6.5), Praszelik 5.5 (1′ st Calò 5.5), Florenzi 6 (11′ st Forte 6); Mazzocchi 6.5, Tutino 7 (32′ st Antonucci 5.5). All.: Caserta.
Pisa (4-2-3-1): Loria 6; Calabresi 4, Caracciolo 7, Canestrelli 6, Barbieri 6; Touré 7, Marin 6 (37′ st Torregrossa sv); Arena 6 (1′ st Beruatto 6), Valoti 5 (18′ st Piccinini 6), Mlakar 5.5 (37′ st Masucci 6.5); Moreo 5 (30′ st Veloso 5.5). All.: Aquilani.
Referee: Bonacina from Bergamo 5.
Note: clear day, pitch in good condition. Expelled: 45′ pt Calabresi for a double yellow card. Booked: Praszelik, Calò, Tutino, Forte, Veloso, Micai. Corners: 4-5. Recovery time: 2′, 6′.

Caracciolo freezes Cosenza in the 95th minute. Despite the numerical superiority for over a time and the signed advantage Onesie, the rossoblù were joined in full injury time by Caracciolo who punished his opponents after a spectacular overhead kick by Masucci. A waste, mainly due to the attitude of the rossoblù team at the end, too submissive and lifeless, even when prairies opened up.

News. The “wolves” first signal in the 19th minute with Mazzocchi challenging Loria from outside the area. In the 26th minute Praszelik tries with a free kick from a tight angle but misses the target. Pisa was very close to taking the lead with Arena diagonally touching the post (29′). In the 45th minute Calabresi gets his second yellow card and leaves Pisa with ten men, but doesn’t use the same judgment for a foul by Praszelik (already booked), sparking protests from the visiting bench. In the second half the Pole gives way to Calò. In the 3rd minute, Barbieri swerves before entering the area and discards Gyamfi who appears to touch the ball. The referee whistles the penalty, but after the VAR review the penalty is removed. Then Cosenza protested for a knockdown by Frabotta in the area which the referee did not consider a foul. But the rossoblù did not give up and with Tutino, assisted from the left by Mazzocchi, they found the advantage: from the center of the area the “wolves” attacker placed in the hole (after touching the post). In the final stages of the match, Micai defended the three points with a shot from Toure’s header, but could do nothing on Caracciolo’s split.