Crotone, long chase and ramming of police cars on the 106: 19-year-old from Cerenzia arrested


By John

The flying squad of the General Prevention and Public Rescue Office of the Police Headquarters, assisted by the soldiers of the local Carabinieri mobile radio, arrested a 19 year old young man, living in Cerenzia, for the crimes of resistance to a public official, personal injury and damage.
Around two in the morning, the crew of a patrol car, during the ordinary control service of the territory, passing through via Mario Nicoletta, noticed a car arriving in the wrong direction and at high speed, and then entering via Claudio Crea.
Upon seeing the patrol, the driver of the car, without a justified reason, accelerated and suddenly fled.
The result was a long and dangerous chase along the SS 106, with risky maneuvers, even in the opposite direction, by the fugitive; after having rammed the police car near the Cerenzia junction, on the SS 107, the young man abandoned the car and, on foot, reached his home to find refuge.
But the officers identified him and arrested him, and placed him at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Crotone.
Subsequent investigations revealed that the young man did not have a driving license, as he had never obtained it, and was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.