«Cu resta arrinesci», beauty against depopulation: a project by Mario Incudine and the Acers association


By John

If the word “identity” rhymes with “community”, and is built by seeking a way to beauty and “remainder”: staying in one’s own places instead of fleeing from them, inventing a different way of living them and making them relive. This is the meaning of the beautiful project «Cu resta arrinesci»That involves the creation of a theatrical residence in the village of Cerami, in the Enna area, to bring illustrious names of culture, music and theater. The project for the redemption of the communities of the Sicilian hinterland – depopulated and deprived of presence and strength every year – starts from an initiative of the Acers association and the ideas of the multifaceted artist Mario Incudine.

Incudine: “Our revolution is to plan a future of beauty starting from small communities”

«We must reclaim our identity, rediscover the beauty of being Sicilian starting from the value of the community – said Incudine at the conference organized by Acers – thanks to the association fervor of Cerami we are already working to start a theater and music course for children here, create a youth orchestra and then a real theatrical residency with rehearsals open to the public. Our revolution is to plan a future of beauty starting from small communities.”

The young people from the schools of Cerami, Nicosia and Troina are enthusiastic about the project, who attended the presentation event in large numbers. Also present were the musicians Antonio Vasta and Pino Ricosta who, in the evening, accompanied Mario Incudine in concert at the Fratel Biagio Conte Auditorium in Cerami.

The artist also presented for the first time his new video clip, «Cu resta arrinesci»

Proto: “From Cerami… a different future”

«Our big dream – said Domenico Proto, President of Acers – is to be able to lay the foundations for a different future for the young generations, who often flee from here in search of greater opportunities for growth and work. Through a series of cultural initiatives conceived by Mario Incudine and his collaborators, we also aim to trigger a virtuous circle here in Cerami, which not only brings illustrious names here, but also new ideas and initiatives to be implemented, perhaps at the suggestion of the young people themselves” .

The conference was also an opportunity to talk about «The culture of legality in the third millennium»starting from the report by the lawyer Augusto Mongioì, and then arriving at the complaint by Mario Incudine himself against all those who do business by selling gadgets of all kinds linked to the «old and sad stereotype that sees Sicily linked to the mafia»: «It’s time to stop exporting an image of Sicily linked to the mafia – concluded Incudine – . Rather, we are all required to give our contribution to tell the story of a different Sicily, renewed by the beauty that distinguishes it and increasingly distant from that old stereotype.”

«We are studying together with the institutions – he then announced – and, in particular, together with the Region and many Sicilian mayors, the creation of t-shirts with the images of the most illustrious Sicilians, from Sciascia to Bufalino to Consolo to Verga, or those of the works of Guttuso’s art or our landscape beauties. The redemption of our Sicily can only start from culture and beauty».
The event, named «Gemma tra i monti», was sponsored by the Sicilian Region Agriculture department.