Cycle-pedestrian walkway in Cosenza, inauguration on Friday at 12


By John

The cycle/pedestrian walkway which will officially sanction the union of the two urban parks (the “Nicholas Green” and the “Robinson”) belonging respectively to the Municipalities of Cosenza and Rende will be inaugurated on Friday 22 March at 12..
The mayor of Cosenza Franz Caruso announced the important inauguration ceremony. The intervention carried out has particular value because it connects the existing cycle-pedestrian paths in the municipalities of Cosenza and Rende through the reuse of the historic railway bridge that has been disused for almost 40 years. The ceremony will be attended by the Mayor of Cosenza Franz Caruso, the prefectural commissioners of Rende, Santi Giuffrè, Rosa Correale and Michele Albertini, the municipal councilor delegated to Agenda Urbana Francesco Alimmena, Marcello Carbone, President of the FIAB Cosenza Ciclabile and Roberto Santopaolo of the LIPU of Rende .
“This is – underlines Franz Caruso – the first of the 11 public works of the Urban Agenda to be completed and inaugurated. It is a work with a strong symbolic value both because it is a shared creation between the two municipalities and because it represents the clear demonstration that unions of municipalities are created this way and not with laws or decisions imposed from above. This new work – added Mayor Franz Caruso – allows us, by speaking the language of facts and concrete achievements, to complete the effective integration of neighboring territorial realities without any imposition. When the other 10 works of Agenda Urbana are also inaugurated – which will happen very soon – we will be able to say that we have given our active contribution to the change underway and thanks to which the urban area will take on a new physiognomy, becoming, with a real own leap in quality, the real engine of development for the benefit of an even larger territory”.
With the work which will be inaugurated on Friday 22 March, through the union of the “Nicholas Green” and “Robinson” parks (ecological lungs of the urban area), a connective green area will also be created that citizens will be able to entirely reach and cross at on foot or by bike, thanks to the dedicated paths and the new walkway also accessible to people with disabilities, all created in co-planning with FIAB (the Italian Federation of the Environment and Bikes in Cosenza). The imminent inauguration was also welcomed with favor and particular satisfaction by the Mayor's delegate councilor for the Urban Agenda projects and the CIS “Historic Centre”, Francesco Alimena.
“48 months after the installation of the Administration led by Franz Caruso and after the first 24 months spent recovering and reprogramming the Urban Agenda, we have completed all 11 planned works. A significant commitment completed in record time. If ever there was a need – underlines Francesco Alimena – this is further demonstration that it is not true that the public works of the Municipalities of the South are often unfinished, that we know when they begin and we don't know when they finish, and that the financing Europeans are not spent. The Cosenza-Rende Urban Agenda is the opposite example and is the clear demonstration that the opposite of what is claimed, according to the clichés now refuted, is possible”.
The rest of the intervention consisted, finally, in the creation of the crossing surface of the planned route, partly on the new embankment ramp and partly on the pre-existing bridge, of the protection elements, of the lighting and visual monitoring system and of the aesthetic-functional redevelopment of the areas located near the route.