Danger on state road 106 in Corigliano Rossano, “Enough bittime”: Anas intervene urgently


By John

The Volunteer Organization “Basta Vittime Sulla Strada Statale 106” announces that it has forwarded more than one report in which it highlights the serious dangerous situation insistent in the sections of the SS 106 of the Municipality of Corigliano-Rossano and, specifically, from kilometer 2+500 to kilometer 4+500, to kilometer 5 and to kilometer 11+600 of the SS106Radd.

Specifically, the dangerous condition determined by the state of particular deterioration of the road surface highlighting that this situation represents a serious danger mainly for users on two wheels and then also for motorists, especially at night (since the sections are unlit), particularly in rainy conditions, or when the asphalt is wet.

All reports were accompanied by photographic documentation with the aim of highlighting the poor conditions of the road surface with the hope that Anas Spa can begin careful planning of road surface redevelopment interventions. By looking at some images, in fact, one can simply understand that the conditions of the road surface are evidently in certain conditions as there has been no form of ordinary and/or extraordinary maintenance for years.

Enough Victims on State Road 106, finally, in underlining that the intervention is essential not only for the safety of road users, many of whom travel along State Road 106 at the indicated kilometers, it has invited Anas Spa to intervene to resolve the problem as promptly as possible.

Also for this reason, the sending of the report was forwarded to protect Anas itself because, if a further road accident were to occur at that point, also due to the evident deterioration of the road surface, the managing body will be co-responsible and will have to answer for it.