Diamante shooting, 34 years in prison requested for the three De Roses


By John

The public prosecutor of the Paola Prosecutor’s Office, Mariolina Bannò, following a detailed indictment, asked for the conviction of the three defendants in the criminal proceedings that arose following the double attempted murder in a bar in Diamante. 15 years were invoked for Massimo De Rose, 10 years for Mattia De Rose and finally 9 years for Alessandro De Rose. We will return to the courtroom for the discussion of the civil parties, represented by the lawyers Francesco Liserre and Luigi Crusco, as well as for the speeches of the defenders of the defendants, the lawyers Maurizio Nucci, Cristian Cristiano, Francesco Santelli and Antonio Crusco, on 10 January. In fact, the first instance sentence is scheduled for that date. In the meantime, at the request of the lawyer Maurizio Nucci, precautionary custody in prison was replaced with house arrest for Massimo De Rose. Massimo, Alessandro and Mattia De Rose, aged 42, 35 and 25 respectively, were arrested in February last year. They are held responsible for the wounding of Stefano Perugino, owner of a bar near the Diamante seafront. At the same time, Gianluca Perugino, the son of the injured man, was also investigated for the events that occurred on the Diamante seafront last year. However, the latter’s position, which was subject to criminal proceedings, was dismissed.