Dog in shock after being caught in Mileto, exposed by Oipa


By John

The International Animal Protection Organization (Oipa) presented a complaint to the police and at the same time a request for access to the local health authority Vibo Valentia to shed light on someone's story dog in shock, trembling and semi-paralyzed, trapped in Miletus, whose care was taken over by the association pending an adequate intervention by the health authority. «On the morning of February 2, 2024, a seven-year-old in obvious difficulty was caught in the municipal area of ​​Mileto – says the delegate of the Oipa of Vibo Valentia, Samantha Mercadante. After first aid, Petra, as we called her, was taken to the San Gregorio d'Ippona kennel. In the afternoon she was subjected to an x-ray by the local health authority, according to which no trauma or injuries were found. The dog is then taken back to the kennel. Her condition did not improve even the next day and she was left lying on her side trembling inside the medical box for over 24 hours.” At that point the Oipa volunteers ask the ASL that Petra be immediately transported to the affiliated clinic for further checks, receive the necessary care or, alternatively, that she be entrusted to them. «And so, we took the dog to a trusted veterinary center, at our expense – continues Samantha Mercadante. – The x-rays at the clinic showed a fracture of the second cervical vertebra, a fracture not detected by the local health authority. Her condition was clearly serious. We have consequently presented access to the documents to know in detail all the activities carried out by the competent health authority. Now Petra is trying in every way to get back on her feet thanks to the treatments that Oipa is supporting, also thanks to a fundraiser, she tries to walk in her own way and demonstrates great willpower. As soon as she is healed, she will be adoptable by anyone who can give her a home and lots of love.”