Elections in Vibo, in the Democratic Party the Coloca-Iannello couple defeats everyone: “It was a vote of loyalty” VIDEO INTERVIEW


By John

The first round of voting municipal elections in Vibo has certified the quality of the work carried out in the area, among others, of one list in particular: that of Democratic party.

The Dems won 1798 votes in absolute terms, 9.91% and placed themselves in second place at list level behind only Cuore Vibonese – Una città libera (of the Center coalition). A result to which two candidates contributed strongly: Anna Coloca (first political experience) ed Antonio Iannello (former councilor in the Sammarco council 2005-2010) from the small hamlet of Triparni they managed to walk arm in arm, winning 330 preference votes. A historic case that sees them elected in any case regardless of who will be the winner in the runoff between Roberto Cosentino and Enzo Romeo. “We will work not only for our country, but also Vibo center and the other hamlets that live in a state of abandonment. It was a vote of loyalty: I set myself the objective of electing Anna Coloca – states Antonio Iannello – we have not played who should be first or second, it was important for us to get a good result and I’m very happy. Anna is young and I wanted to achieve this goal.”

A vote of proposal and protest

The hamlets of Vibo Valentia live in a state of abandonment and Triparni is one of them. A small village of around 500 souls in which 437 people went to vote (with 74.19%, section number 25 was the third section in which the most people voted). Triparni is located on the hill almost halfway between the city of Vibo and the industrial area of ​​Porto Salvo in an area where after the terrible flood of 2006 the ground began to crumble with several landslides that devastated the small village. It is precisely the subsoil that is falling apart and the risk is linked to the numerous cracks that are created due to the continuous infiltration of water. And so the landslides silently dig into the ground. Triparni has been suffering for almost 20 years, but the institutions have failed to provide any type of response to citizens. And so this time, on the occasion of this electoral competition, the citizens decided to vote in a united manner, supporting the race of Anna Coloca and Antonio Iannello. The Democratic Party in Triparni won 179 votes and a good part of these went to both. They traveled as a couple in a loyal, constant and widespread manner throughout the municipal territory and in the end they brought home a historic result for their country. “Over time we have had meetings with the citizens of our hamlet: we talked about problems and opportunities, we did great team work”.