European elections, Occhiuto: Calabria rewards FI and centre-right


By John

«The 9.7% achieved at a national level by Forza Italia in the European elections is a huge result, unexpected for some, convinced until a few months ago that, after the death of President Berlusconi, the party would inexorably slide towards the abyss. This was not the case, despite many commentators in the first months of the new year betting on the difficulty of even exceeding the 4% quorum.” As Roberto Occhiutopresident of the Calabria Region and deputy national secretary of Forza Italia.

«9.7%, however – he continues – is an extraordinary achievement. We are close to 10%, just as the national secretary Antonio Tajani – to whom the thanks of our entire political community goes – has been repeating like a mantra since September. It is a success for the militants, the sympathizers, the people of Forza Italia. And above all it is the success of Silvio Berlusconi's legacy. Our founder is no longer with us but we dedicate this great result to him, we will always be grateful to him for the legacy of ideas and values, the fruit of a thirty-year political history, but also for having given us a people, that of Forza Italia, who he is there, he is alive, he is well rooted and wants to actively participate in the political life of the country.”

«A great moderate and reassuring force – states Occhiuto – which represents the true center of the Italian political system. This is also amply demonstrated by the overwhelming defeat in these elections of all the other pseudo centrist experiences. We also won thanks to the Forza Italia management group who in the most difficult moment of its history was able to put unity, a sense of responsibility, and the desire to row in the same direction before everything else to strengthen and make the party cohesive.” «Finally, the national vote – concludes Occhiuto – undoubtedly rewards the experience of the Meloni government, an even stronger executive, the one that emerged from this electoral round, which will move forward without any hesitation and will continue to do well and act in the interests of of the country”.