FAI Spring Days, discovering the treasures of Calabria. The places of the heart to visit even today


By John

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March 2024 the appointment with the FAI Spring Days, the most important street event dedicated to the cultural and landscape heritage of our country. The FAI Spring Daysnow in its 32nd edition, offer the opportunity to discover treasures of art and nature that are usually inaccessible or little known, by taking part in the free visits proposed by the Foundation's volunteers.

Below is the official organization of the FAI Spring Days in Calabria:

  • visit to the village of Saint Catherine of the Ionian following the nature walk “Ecocentrism between millstones, catoji and donkeys”
  • “Mama the Turks” visit to Tower of Sant'Antonio to Saint Catherine of the Ionian (CZ)
  • visit toBotanical Garden of the University of Calabria in Arcavacata (It makesCS)
  • visit to the exhibition “From the first steps to the science of the future” on the history of UNICAL in Arcavacata (It makesCS)
  • visit to Giants of Sila to Spezzano della Sila (CS)
  • visit to Villa Margherita and its park a Cutro (KR)
  • visit the three most interesting neighborhoods of Nicotera (VV): the Beamthe Giudecca And Palmentieri
  • visit to the village of Sweet violet (RC) “Holiness and art, architecture and gastronomy”
  • visit of Villa San Giovanni (RC) to discover the silk industry and art
  • visit to Museum of Traditions and Customs of the peasant civilization of the Poro Of Nicotera (VV)
  • Discovering the ancient neighborhoods of Nicotera (VV).