Falcomatà: “The two-term limit for mayors is absurd. The Democratic Party shows more courage”


By John

«Together with our fellow mayors we have always stated that the limit of two consecutive terms was an absurdity to be removed as soon as possible. Now it is even more evident in light of the reform which has removed this limit for smaller municipalities and which would like to do so for regional presidents. It would be fairer to leave the choice to the citizens, as happens for all other elective positions, evaluating in full democracy whether a mayor has done well or badly and whether or not he should be reconfirmed at the helm of a community.” Thus in a note the mayor of Reggio Calabria, responsible for Southern Italy and territorial cohesion of Anci, Giuseppe Falcomatà.

«The withdrawal of the amendment put forward by the League in the Institutional Affairs Commission – he continues – is a serious and significant fact. It is clear that team orders prevailed over the legitimate expectations of the territories. On the positive side, a debate has been revived which has involved all political forces and which should give rise to reflection. From this point of view I believe that the Democratic Party, within which the mayors of many important Italian cities militate, can take a clearer position at a national level, abandoning lukewarm tacticsthe. It is not clear why, if a democratic principle is right, it should apply to all the elective bodies of the State, except for the mayors of medium and large cities. If there is a risk of fouling, as has been said, it should apply everywhere, not just in the Municipalities.”