Farmers tear down historical statue in front of the European Chamber. A thousand tractors on the streets of Brussels, between blockades and fires


By John

Farmers tore down one of the historic sculptures on Place du Luxembourg, dating back to 1872, in front of the European Parliament. The statue is part of the John Cockerill monumental complex, in memory of the pioneer of the steel industry and the railway in Belgium.

The statue now lies on the ground on the lawn in the center of the square, surrounded by new fires set by farmers this morning and fueled with wood and tyres. The sign: “People of Europe, say no to despotism” was posted on another statue of the monument.

A thousand tractors on the streets of Brussels, blockades and fires

A thousand tractors are blocking several streets in Brussels, particularly near the European Quarter, where EU leaders are expected for the extraordinary European Council. The farmers, who arrived from all over Europe to protest against the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Green Deal, blocked Place de Luxembourg, in front of the European Parliament, and started some fires with wood and tyres. Many firecracker explosions.