Focus on differentiated autonomy: “No to prejudices, but we are not fools”


By John

«No prejudice towards differentiated autonomy because we would make the mistake of those who simply want to take refuge behind a demanding approach. But we are not fools and we will not be fooled».

Thus the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, via telephone connection to the Ars conference «The thought of Giuseppe La Loggia and the system of differentiated autonomies 1994/2024: the relevance of a non-divisive vision». «The answer to the question what Forza Italia should do with respect to differentiated autonomy – added the deputy national secretary of FI – in a much less courtly manner than what such an important debate would require, we would say “give money, see camel”. That is, if there are no resources to finance standard needs, then agreements pursuant to autonomy should not be made. I note, however, that this discussion on differentiated autonomy has served to advance the debate on the Lep at national level”.