Former Savings Bank in civil court, some associations are asking the Municipality to reconsider


By John

Following a recent article by the journalist Mario Primo Cavaleri aimed at avoiding the use of the former VE savings bank as a civil court, some Messina cultural associationsin sharing the reflections that suggest rethinking this program, have promoted a conference open to the public for Tuesday 10 October at 5pm, in the church of Santa Maria Alemanna.

Europe-Mediterranean, Friends of the Franz Riccobono Museum, Antonello da Messina Foundation, Archeoclub Integrated Area of ​​the Strait and Experiences agree on the opportunity that the only historic building in the heart of the city, designed by the architect Ernesto Basile, an exponent of international modernism and of the Liberty, is intended as a center for exhibitions on the art and history of Messina, a senatorial city lacking a representative building as a reference center for visitors and cruise passengers to offer a multimedia compendium of the preciousness present in the area. The contiguity with the former church of Santa Maria Alemanna, the most prestigious testimony of medieval art in the Mediterranean, which survived the earthquake, is also an added reason. They will talk about it: Cosimo Inferrera (AEM), Luigi Montalbano (Friends of the Museum), Giuseppe Previti (Antonello Foundation), Rosanna Trovato (Archeoclub Stretto), Sergio Bertolami (Experiences); Moderator is environmental geology teacher Giovanni Randazzo. The intent is to urge the municipal administration to reevaluate this program; agree on a new solution with the heads of the judicial offices; suggest a renovation of the Palazzo Liberty, on the model of important projects carried out in other areas; enrich the image of the City of the Strait; propose initiatives to enhance the existing historical-monumental heritage. The resulting petition will also be sent to the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio and to the President of the Region Renato Schifani.