Giardini Naxos, Stracuzzi remains in the saddle and looks ahead: “The Consortium? Promise kept”


By John

He defines it as a difficult year from an administrative point of view, but announces his intention to move forward.
The mayor of Giardini Naxos, Giorgio Stracuzzi, he comments on the twists and turns of the last month which began with the sentence which declared him lapsed due to incompatibility and ended with the dissolution of the city council, but reiterates his desire not to throw in the towel.
With the approval of the 2023-2025 budget forecast by the ad acta commissioner, the Municipality also worked yesterday to sign numerous spending commitments and assignments for services (school canteen, disabled assistance, maintenance, tax collection and much more), including the payment to the Sewerage Network Consortium of 1,474,004 euros: «As I promised, the deadline of December 31st was respected, never doubting it despite the trials of the intentions and the echoes of misfortune – said Giorgio Stracuzzi – by paying the 2023 membership fee, regularly included among the compulsory expenses of the balance. We will work from tomorrow to ensure that transfers to the Consortium take place on a regular basis.”