Gioia Tauro, the woman injured by her ex-father-in-law is out of danger: she had thrown herself from the balcony to save herself


By John

AND out of danger of lifealert and lucid in the ward, after having undergone surgery at the Gom in Reggio Calabria, the 45-year-old Tunisian woman who on Saturday morning jumped from the second floor to escape the fury of her ex-father-in-law, Francesco Gullace, 84 years old, who, holding a 9mm pistol, fired several shots at her which caught her to the chest and right leg.
An act of true madness that arose – according to initial reconstructions – following yet another family discussion, and, in particular, the fact that the young woman wanted to separate permanently from her husband. Immediately afterwards, the man turned himself in at the police station and showed up with a loaded gun on him and with a shot in the chamber, a circumstance which caused moments of tension among the officers who had to disarm him.

Gullace (defended by lawyers Daniele Calipa and Rocco Mazza), who was granted house arrest, responded to the investigating judge's questions yesterday by admitting guilt but providing his own version of events. In fact, he specified that he did not want to kill but only to frighten his ex-daughter-in-law. Gullace was convinced that the woman had long developed a pre-ordained program: the separation, the management of the children, the intention to move away and also any financial demands.

Despite this, the man has remarked several times that he himself and his family have always loved the young woman, at least before the inexplicable seizure took place in his head.
Controversial statements that fuel lights and shadows regarding an episode on which many aspects still remain to be clarified.