Irto launches the programmatic conference of the Democratic Party from Soveria Mannelli. Schlein is also expected


By John

“A major political party must take responsibility for a proposal and a subsequent political battle to achieve those proposals for build, piece by piece, a Calabria that can do it, that fights and has a future for its internal areas, for its young people, for its businesses. Because the risk, on the other hand, is overall impoverishment.”

Thus the senator and secretary of the Democratic Party of Calabria Nicola Irtohe summarized at the press conference, the objective of the programmatic conference scheduled for 19 and 20 April, again in Soveria Mannelli. An appointment in which the national secretary of the Democratic Party was invited to participate Elly Schlein. “A political party – said Irto must be continuously at work and must try to raise the bar of commitment and ask itself questions on how to govern this region and how to give an overall proposal to the great issues that this region has. What we have It has been a complex process and it is the first time that a grammar conference has been held in Calabria. The result of all this will be a perspective document from the government of this region which means that the Democratic Party, alongside the opposition, brings into play of proposals starting from dramatic data”. Irto highlighted three of them.

“In the last 20 years – he said – Calabria's GDP has fallen from 2.1 to 1.84 and continues to fall regardless of what Occhiuto says. In the first quarter of 2022 the employment rate was 42.1%, given which brought Calabria to the fourth to last place in Europe. The third figure, paradoxically the most infamous but which must be valorised to understand how we can give an answer: the 300 million debt created by healthcare migration. We could add others: on the employment of graduates, on flight and depopulation with a range between 15,000 and 20,000 young people leaving Calabria every year. We want to try to give overall answers on work, on social policies, on healthcare, on infrastructures. In short, a job for arrive at approving a document that represents the project of the Calabria of the future”. An initiative defined by Toto as “innovation” and “also the right alternative to the media populism of the President of the Region who every day announces a parallel reality. On healthcare – he said – the only real act he has done on healthcare, then the the rest he made slogans, it was the reorganization of the hospital network. It's a shame for him that after five days he had to say 'counterorder I cancel everything' because he understood that he had created a problem throughout the region” /articles/politics/2024/04/05/irto-launches-the-programmatic-conference-of-the-pd-from-soveria-mannelli-also-waiting-for-the-schlein-752e4f4f-db3f-4a0c-903b-c2c7e67926d0/. “We must – argued the Dem exponent – try to put in place a large political community that is self-determining, that is self-managed without colonels who come to tell us what we must do as has happened in the past but which decides its own fate. Community that it must also have the ability and ambition to plan over time. I am convinced that with all the difficulties, the discussions of a plural, broad party, we can succeed.”

Cristallo: “Internal areas as a unique and unrepeatable heritage”

Previous commitments prevented me from being present this morning in Soveria Mannelli for the presentation to the press of the first programmatic conference of the Calabria PD, which will be a significant moment in the process of reconnection with the civil, social and economic fabric of our region.
I enthusiastically welcomed the choice of Soveria Mannelli as the venue for the Conference because I am linked to its community by deep memories and affections, it is also the place where my daughter was born. The “capital of the Reventino” is one of the 323 “internal area” municipalities present in Calabria which are a unique and unrepeatable heritage.
It is the first time that in Calabria the Democratic Party, at the instigation of its regional secretary, organizes a programmatic conference which aims to unite and involve all the souls of the party and the various levels to imagine and build together a perspective of concrete future for our region, an alternative to the post-populism of the regional right-wing government, which adapts to the destructive policies of the national one. I am very happy that, to underline the importance of the moment, our Secretary Elly Schlein will come to give support and contribution.