Isola Capo Rizzuto: caught with two pistols, a rifle and over half a kilo of drugs. A 43-year-old man arrested


By John

The request for intervention came directly to the Carabinieri of the Tenenza Capo Rizzuto Islandlate yesterday morning, February 22; gunshots had been heard near a tourist village in a coastal town.

The soldiers of the Tenenza and the Radiomobile Section of the Company, having arrived on site and ready to face any emergency, found on site, alone, GB 43 years oldresident there, who at the sight of them threw away a gun with an abraded serial number.

In his possession the operators also found a sawn-off shotgun, another pistol and several ammunition, all illegally possessed. The search carried out also allowed the discovery of approximately 500 grams of marijuana and smaller quantities of cocaine and hashish..

The man was therefore immediately arrested, and was then accompanied to the Crotone prison, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority of the capital.