Lamezia, sixty PD members ask for the “head” of secretary Masi


By John

To give an idea of ​​how deep the internal split is in the Lamezzo Democratic Party, it is enough to recall what happened just over a month ago, when the local Dems managed to divide even in the demand for women's rights. In fact, on the occasion of 8 March, two separate public meetings were organized on the – albeit delicate – topic (one under the slogan “Free all”, the other focused on “Women, welfare and work”). But this, despite having remained hidden, is only the emblematic background of what has now become evident because it was written in black and white in a “Document on the situation of the Democratic Party of Lamezia Terme” sent to the regional secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Irto and to the provincial one Domenico Giampà by 60 members – but there is already talk of a further three hundred signatures added at the bottom of the letter – which, in a nutshell, ask for the head of the city secretary Gennarino Masi.
Obviously, next year's municipal elections are in the background, and what remains unsaid is that two very distant visions have been created with respect to the approach with which the Democratic Party should get there.