Mariangela Bonanno from Messina is president of the Sicilian dance teachers association


By John

It will be Mariangela Bonanno from Messina to lead, as president, the Sicilian Association of Dance Graduate Teachers (Asild); also on the board are fellow citizen Giovanna Tedesco, vice president, and colleagues Vanessa Battista, Giorgia Terrasi (from Catania) and Antonella Crucitti (from Syracuse). After a few years of suspension linked above all to the pandemic emergency, Asild, founded in 1996, is ready to relaunch its commitment with a rich and important educational and artistic programme. «I am honored by this assignment which I am preparing to fill with commitment and dedication, to best follow the path admirably traced by those who preceded me”, declared Bonanno, indicating as the main mission “the achievement of national regulation of the teaching of dance, an academic discipline, especially extended to the younger ones.”

An important objective therefore, closely connected to the introduction of the dance curriculum in higher education institutions (classical high schools): dance, like music and acting, constitutes in fact a very important educational tool for young people, eager to fruit of his talent right from school. «I will work to transmit to the younger generations the artistic and cultural value of dance, a discipline that cuts across different fields of study», added President Bonanno, expressing her firm desire to «intensify dialogue with institutions and associations, with which to work in close synergy”. We begin next April 27th with a day dedicated to the educational aspects of dance – organized together with Milena Freni and Giovanna Tedesco (president of Dis, Danza in salute) – which will be discussed during a morning conference and an afternoon review to be held at the Vittorio Emanuele theatre.