Meloni is preparing for the European Championships: “Vote for Giorgia, I will lead all the FdI lists”. Then the joke about Salvini: “she preferred the Bridge to us…”


By John

«I have decided to take the field to lead the lists of brothers of Italy in all the electoral constituencies, if I survive. Vote for me by writing my name, Giorgia, as everyone who approaches me calls me. But I will not take away a single minute of government activity to campaign on my name.” There are just a few weeks left until the new challenge that awaits us” of the European elections. The prime minister and leader of FdI Giorgia Meloni said this at the FdI event. In 2014 «we narrowly missed the 4% quorum and it was a great disappointment, which did not take away our determination, 5 years of battles later» we understood «that we could become protagonists», now «we are the leading party in Italy. We will also defend our excellence, our borders, our identity in the EU. This time too they will tell us that we are crazy and that it is an impossible challenge to win. They have often given us up for defeat, they told us that we were destined to disappear. Let him tell you. While they bask in their reassuring hope, we will continue to work as we always have and who knows if this time too we will be able to disprove the predictions: the time has come to raise the stakes, let's change Europe too.”

The joke about Salvini

«Thanks to Matteo who preferred the bridge to us…». This is how the prime minister jokes. «I know, for us that
we are parents, it's not easy, I know he wanted to be here with us.”

The coalition and the left

«Thanks to a coalition that is together not out of interest but by choice and it can be seen in the results that the government manages to achieve. We want to create a majority that brings together the centre-right forces and sending the left into opposition even in the EU is a difficult but possible undertaking and we must try. We can also bring the Italian model to Europe, it would be a revolution in which the conservative party is strategic and fundamental. «You have to follow the money, you have to
attack traffickers at the heart. Tell us in Italy and Europe, where the others want to be. They want to be with us, on the side of those who want to fight the new slavers, or on the side of the mass illegal immigration that makes the fortune of that criminal network. And I ask this in particular of PD secretary Elly Schlein: a clear word is needed on this.”