Messina, Amam: 13 apprentices have signed the contract. They will take service on January 15th


By John

There are 13 young people who have signed the professionalizing apprenticeship contract todayto obtain the qualification of “technical-administrative officer” – to be classified at the 3rd level of the Gas-Water National Collective Bargaining Agreement, following the successful completion of the selection announced at the end of last September by Amam.
This morning they were welcomed by the top management of Amam, the president Loredana Bonasera, the Board of Directors Alessandra Franza and Adriano Grassi and the General Director Pierfrancesco Donato and by the top management of the Municipality of Messina, the Mayor Federico Basile and the General Director Salvo Puccio, at the headquarters of Viale Giostra where they will take up service as early as next Monday 15 January, to be largely used for administrative activities to strengthen the customer area.
The new hires are aged between 18 and 29, mostly women and in some cases with work and study experience in sectors similar to those requested in the selection notice, conducted both in Italy and abroad. Six of them come from the project experience “L’Summer on”, promoted by the Municipality of Messina to give young people the opportunity to gain experience in the field, to be usefully spent on stable job placement
“It’s a feeling of great joy – say the boys, as they talk about themselves, after having signed their entry into the company that manages the integrated water service for the municipality of Messina – and it will be more and more so when we are at work and can feel truly part of the Company and also at the service of the city, of the citizens”
“This is an important moment, which gives great scope to Amam to respond better and better to users’ needs – say President Bonasera and Mayor Basile – and we are very satisfied because we have proof that the opportunities we build in synergy, such as the “Summer on us” projects or social inclusion paths are effective and allow real insertion into the world of work, especially for young people who should not feel obliged to leave the city”