Messina, discussion in the commission on port security. Uiltrasporti: no more deaths at work


By John

«We appreciated the concreteness, as well as the symbolic meaning, with which the president of the ADSP of the Strait, Eng. Mario Mega, wanted to convene the port safety commission already this Monday afternoon, a few days after the tragedy in Salerno which saw our young fellow citizen as the victim Nino Donato convinced that prevention is the primary way to avoid other tragedies at work.” They stated it Nino Di Mento And Nunzio Tarlato, respectively responsible for the Port – Logistics sectors and the maritime sector of Uiltrasporti Messina.
«Today’s commission was a useful opportunity for discussion between maritime transport players on the peculiarities of the ports of the strait with a specific focus on safety in the movement of vehicles in the yards. Uiltrasporti Messina has asked that all procedures and safety regulations in the port and maritime areas of the Strait be paid attention to with greater involvement of workers, and more checks by the port master’s office and the bodies responsible for workplace safety – they continue Di Mento and Tarlato – in the belief that even for companies in this area, safety is not seen as an additional cost but rather as an added value that must never be sacrificed on the altar of profit. The often stressful work shifts of maritime and port workers and the ever-increasing speed required in the unloading and loading of vehicles can have negative consequences in terms of safety.”
According to Di Mento and Tarlato «at the Port of Tremestieri, in the Nuremberg pier and in the yards of Messina and Milazzo, where thousands of vehicles are moved daily, all the necessary safety procedures must be strengthened in order to prevent accidents at work and in this sense as Uiltrasporti we will always report any critical issues. On the basis of today’s commission – continue Tarlato and Di Mento – we will start meetings in the workplace, collecting reports and critical issues from those who experience the realities of maritime and port work in our territory on a daily basis. The sea is life, work and hope for development on the Strait of Messina – conclude Di Mento and Tarlato – now we warmly embrace our other colleague, Giuseppe Cirone, who was injured in the hope of a speedy recovery”.