Messina, in the month of March the Police seized a total of 1.4 kilos of marijuana, arresting three people


By John

In the month of March, the State Police, as part of specific services arranged by the Messina Police Commissioner, Annino Garganoaimed at combating the phenomenon of drug dealing, especially among young people, arrested, in flagrante delicto and in distinct activities, two citizens of Messina and a foreigner for the possession for the purpose of trafficking of almost one and a half kilos of marijuana-type narcoticswhich would have allowed over 5000 single doses to be placed on the market, resulting in huge illicit profits.

The Volanti policemen, already in the days preceding the arrests, as part of the ordinary control activity of the territory, had carried out targeted observation services, ascertaining that right near the homes of the arrested people there was a continuous and unnatural coming and going of drug users , probably interested in the supply of the substance.

In the first case, during the resulting house search, carried out with the intervention of an anti-drug canine unit, the foreigner was caught in possession of approximately 400 grams of marijuana, hidden inside a terracotta vase which was on the balcony of the bedroom, and also finding material for the relative division into doses and money considered likely to be the proceeds of the illicit transfers already made.

At the home of the second person arrested, the narcotic found amounted to almost 800 grams, and appeared already divided into envelopes kept in a locker on the veranda of the arrested person's home.

Instead, the third subject was arrested had attempted to hide approximately 200 g among the electrical cables of the false ceiling of his bedroom. amazing which he held in view of the imminent retail sale, although he was unable to escape the scent of the drug-sniffing dog of the canine unit employed in control and repression activities.