Messina-Reggio, commuters' discontent over the new Liberty Lines timetables. They fear crowding and inconvenience


By John

Once the new timetables for the departures and arrivals of fast transport between Messina-Reggio and Reggio-Messina came into force, some commuters from Messina expressed doubts and perplexities about some of the choices made.

Letter from a commuter to Liberty Lines

A commuter from Messina, on behalf of a group of people who commute between the two banks every day, wrote to “Liberty Lines”, expressing his discontent at the change in some of the timetables of the fast routes. «I am a commuter who travels every day for work reasons on the Messina-Reggio Calabria route and return. I would like to point out that these changes have a significant impact on both working hours, both on the personal and family sphere, not only of the writer, but also of many other travellers. In particular, the advance of the 7am hydrofoil from Messina to 6.25am and the 7.30am hydrofoil, again from Messina, to 7.15am, will mean that both commuters who previously used the 7am hydrofoil and those who took the 7.30am one, will travel with the 7.15am hydrofoil. Taking into account that both races are very crowded, the concentration of all the passengers of the two trips on a single vehicle could result in some of the travelers being left out due to lack of seats, resulting in being forced to deal with serious problems in the workplace. Likewise, the abolition of the 1.45pm service from Reggio Calabria on Saturdays, will force many commuters traveling on that day for work reasons to remain in Reggio Calabria waiting until 3.10pm, with obvious family discomfort. These are commuters for work reasons who have very different motivations and needs than those of tourists. I ask you to reconsider the decision to meet the needs of users who make great sacrifices every day.”