Messina, risk of closed doors for the first city derby of the season: Basket School-Fortitudo towards postponement


By John

L’Asd Fortitudo Messinain full harmony with the Basketball School Messinacommunicate the request to postpone the match scheduled for Sunday 15 October at PalaTracuzzi at 6pm. A choice made for prevent the first seasonal derby of the inter-regional basketball Serie B from being played behind closed doors due to the unusability of PalaTracuzzi itself.

Asd Fortitudo Messina has agreed that the match will be postponed to Tuesday 17 October, the day on which will be the second anniversary of the death of Haitem Fathallah, who was a member of both the Basket School and Fortitudo in his career. This is a useful opportunity to remember a boy who left a great void in the hearts of Messina basketball fans.
“In memory of Haitem – says the General manager of Fortitudo Messina Giuseppe Merrino – we want to highlight once again how there is absolute unity of intent between the city’s sporting realities which try, despite all the difficulties involved and with great sacrifices, to contribute to the growth of the basketball movement in Messina, a place that has been relegated to the oblivion of our sport for too long. Through no fault of our own, today we are paying for a situation of the facilities that is absolutely not in keeping with the importance of the thirteenth city in Italy. Playing basketball in Messina is really difficult Perhaps even impossible. For this reason, we at Fortitudo, together with the Basket School, want to send a univocal signal which, we hope, will also be understood by the institutions and bodies in charge.”