Messina’s second success of the season thanks to Plescia’s goal. Giugliano knocked out


By John

Messina-Giugliano 1-0

Markers: 17′ pt Plescia
Messina (4-3-3): Fumagalli; Lia (17′ st Ferrara), Manetta, Pacciardi, Polito (1′ st Ortisi); Frisenna (38′ st Buffa), Franco, Scafetta; Cavallo, Plescia (24′ st Emmausso), Ragusa (24′ st Zunno). All. Modica.
Giugliano (4-3-3): Baldi (29′ st Russo); Di Dio, Berman, Caldor, Yabre; Giorgione (1′ st De Rosa), Vogiatzis (29′ st Stabile), Gladestony; Oviszach (1′ st Nocciolini), Sorrentino (15′ st Salvemini), De Sena. All. Bertotto.
Referee: Luigi Catanoso from Reggio Calabria
Note Booked: Polito (M), Yabre (G), Pacciardi (M), Berman (G). Pacciardi (M) sent off in the 43rd minute. Corner: 5-2 – Added time: 1′ and 6′ minutes

An amazing goal from Plescia gives Messina their second success of the season with a 1-0 win over Giugliano which puts them at 9th in the league table.
Substantially balanced match, with the Campania players attacking first, but crashing into the post hit in the 12th minute by former Gladestony Da Silva, the best on the pitch. Five minutes after the episode that decides the match: Frisenna’s cross, Plescia’s scorpion move that deceives the guest goalkeeper (born in 2004) Baldi, caught in a “free exit”. A couple of opportunities for each side, but little to report in terms of opportunities for a match that slipped away without any particular jolts until the outside post chipped by Franco in the second half.
Giugliano stays mentally in the game and grows in the final, when he worries the home defense with a couple of long balls: the protagonist is always Nocciolini who first puts it wide diagonally, then causes Pacciardi to be sent off in the 88th minute ( last-man foul on the visiting attacker thrown towards the net) and finally calls Fumagalli to make a great save with a powerful shot from the edge. It ends after six very long minutes of injury time, with Messina breathing a sigh of relief and enjoying a success of fundamental importance with their people.