Montagnareale, worker falls from scaffolding: hospitalized in serious condition at the Messina Polyclinic


By John

The conditions of a worker would be serious who yesterday afternoon, around 4.30 pm, was the victim of a work accident to Montagnareale. The man was carrying out some carpentry work on a building under construction in the city centre, a few steps from the church of Santa Caterina.

According to a first summary reconstruction, the worker would have lost his balance, for reasons still unknown, falling on his back from a scaffold located about three meters above the ground and violently hitting his head on the asphalt. Some citizens of Montagnareale provided first aid, who noticed a man on the ground with a bloody face. Immediate ambulance transport to Emergency room of Baron Romeo di Patti. From here the man was then transferred urgently at the Messina Polyclinic due to the serious clinical picture outlined by the doctors of the Patte hospital.