Montalto Uffugo, the protest of the 495 “Abramo” employees: the Calabrian mayors alongside the workers


By John

The employees of “Abramo Customer Care” met at 1pm, in the Montalto Uffugo headquarters to kick off the state of agitation. Tense faces, in the company of the unions SLC-CGIL, FISTEL-CISL and UILCOM-UIL UGL Telecommunications, the first sit-in began with the hope of making their voices heard. A voice necessarily raised following Tim’s decision not to renew the consumer contract for 495 employees of the Abramo company between the offices of Crotone, Catanzaro, Montalto Uffugo and Palermo, who will be placed on zero-hour layoffs from 1 January 2024. The state of unrest and the strike proclaimed by all employees will last today and tomorrow 21 December. Employees will keep their arms crossed for the entire work shift. A dramatic Christmas for these families who see their jobs at risk. As many as 500 in the Montalto headquarters alone screaming in protest.

The mayors of Catanzaro, Cosenza and Crotone, Nicola Fiorita, Franz Caruso and Vincenzo Voce have expressed “very strong concern” for the fate of the almost five hundred employees of Abramo Customer Care, Messi on zero-hour layoffs from the company from January 1st following TIM’s failure to renew the orders.

“This would be a very hard blow – they write – in a region where economic and employment indicators are already a cause for dangerous social alarm. The risk of a direct loss of hundreds of jobs cannot help but cause fear of repercussions on the overall structure of the company which could lead to a much more serious situation”.

Fiorita, Caruso and Voce, in giving their “full and unconditional closeness to the workers, whose serenity is also compromised in a particular situation such as the Christmas period” make it known that they have “contacted the human resources manager at TIM, Dr. . Paolo Chiriotti and the head of Institutional Affairs Sabina Strazzullo, to immediately verify the possibility of an extension of the contract and at the same time ask for an urgent meeting with TIM itself, to be held at the Ministry of Labor which we expect – they write – to be a party active in crisis management”.

The Cobas union

Like Cobas ABRAMO Montalto Uffugo we find ourselves seeing what for years seemed already written and which we have repeated several times: That this company, after having enriched the usual few, was destined for bankruptcy and that the commissioners did nothing but empty it without implement nothing significant to safeguard jobs and above all without reaching the set sales objective, as per the quarterly reports made by the commissioners themselves, first by the end of 2023 and then by August 2024, the deadline given that the their mandate has been extended until that date. The commissioners, who together with the company management have always preferred not to invite us to the tables because perhaps we could have been annoying with uncomfortable questions (since others, fortunately not all, have almost always acted as press officers), are certainly not the only ones guilty. Today they are there. It is right that they assume their failing responsibilities. But the true creators of this latest massacre in our beloved Calabria have very specific names and surnames: the Abramo family first and foremost and immediately after TIM. They are the ones who, due to their bankruptcy, clientelistic and predatory management, caused the start of the composition with creditors, causing us to remain without salary and thirteenth, coincidentally, before Christmas in 2020. Then we get to the extraordinary administration and, as it happens, again right before Christmas 2021, leaving us once again without pay and thirteenth. And now, as a Christmas present for this fantastic 2023, they’re throwing us out because Tim doesn’t renew the consumer orders expiring on 12/31/23. As regards TIM, like Cobas TIM at a national level, we have already denounced it on several occasions in all possible venues: the sale of Tim to the KKR fund will only lead to layoffs and exploitation, starting from the employees themselves and ending with the Outsourcers who they always manage the traffic on behalf of Tim. TIM must be UNIQUE and PUBLIC, outsourced activities and WORKERS must be internalized! Several times during the tables at the Mise, where fortunately it was almost always possible to participate and have our say, we reiterated to the experts that Tim had to be present at the tables and take on his responsibilities. This de facto dismissal overnight for almost 500 workers is not acceptable! This would lead to the closure of the offices in Catanzaro, Cosenza and Palermo. Removing your job in 15 days and not applying the social clause is an act of social butchery worthy of the most barbaric ALITALIA management! This decision, in our opinion, had already been planned a few months ago and was kept hidden from us so that we could continue producing. We hold company management, commissioners and TIM equally responsible. On the other hand, President Occhiuto and the Calabria Region could and could still make their voice and weight heard. The president is part of a majority force that governs this country and is therefore directly responsible for the progress of disputes like this. We need to mobilize and hold everyone to their responsibilities! Of course we join the strike today and tomorrow. We are determined to mobilize together with all our colleagues and the RSU and invite all workers to participate massively in every discussion, strike or protest initiative that is put in place.