‘Ndrangheta in Scilla, requests for 19 sentences against leaders and members of the “Nasone-Gaietti” clan


By John

The anti-mafia prosecutor’s office of Reggio Calabria has requested 19 convictions against leaders and followers of the ‘ndrine of Scilla, the vast majority attributable to the powerful “Nasone-Gaietti” clans. The indictment of the “Nuova linea” abbreviated trial concluded today in the bunker courtroom in Reggio, the raid that hit the group that allegedly exercised, according to the conclusions of the public prosecutors Walter Ignazitto, Nicola De Caria And Paola D’Ambrosio and the Carabinieri who conducted the field investigations, a strong criminal pressure in the symbolic town of the Viola coast. Hard fist from the anti-mafia pool against 4 defendants who have been asked to be sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Reggio Calabria Gup: Giuseppe Fulco, Antonino Nasone, Domenico Nasone (born 1969), Rocco Nasone (born 1974). Other relevant sentencing requests against Angelo Carina (15 years and 4 months +10 thousand euro fine), Fabio Praticò (10 years), Fortunato Praticò (12 years), Alberto Scarfone (16 years).
The trial will return to the courtroom for defense arguments. The indictment contests, for various reasons, the crimes of mafia-type association, external participation in mafia association, extortion in competition, revelation and use of official secrets, disturbed freedom of auction, possession and carrying of firearms , attempted murder, fraudulent transfer of valuables, all cases aggravated by mafia facilitation.