Netanyahu: “In Gaza they educate their children with Hitler’s Mein Kampf in Arabic”


By John

“This is Hitler’s Mein Kampf in Arabic. It was found in Gaza: this is how they educate their children. After we have destroyed Hamas there will no longer be anyone in Gaza who educates their children like this.” The Israeli prime minister said so Benjamin Netanyahu showing on TV the text found by soldiers in the Strip. «There is nothing more absurd than that on the eve of Remembrance Day they accused us in The Hague of being responsible for genocide. On behalf of the new Nazis, South Africa brought the charge and they didn’t throw them down the stairs.” “If we don’t destroy Hamas,” he added, “the next massacre is only a matter of time.”

“Qatar hosts Hamas leader, press for hostages”

«Qatar hosts the Hamas leaders, finances them, has leverage over them. Qatar has offered to mediate: let them exert pressure”: this is what the Israeli prime minister continued. “They have undertaken to send medicines to the hostages: we are waiting to see that they do so.” Referring to tensions with Qatar and Egypt, he reiterated : “I will not give up any path in order to put pressure on Hamas. I am constantly committed to the hostages, I don’t need to be encouraged. I myself – he recalled – was injured in the liberation of hostages in a Sabena plane (in 1972) and my brother died in a similar operation in Uganda” in 1976.