On the day of pain, emotional crowd in Messina for the farewell to the seafarer Nino Donato: “He loved his job”


By John

Great emotion in the church of San Nicola in Ganzirri where the funeral of Nino Donato was celebrated, the seafarer who lost his life at just 29 years old in the tragic accident at work in Salerno. The church was already packed long before the start of mass. Many wanted to rally around Nino’s mother and sister and those who loved him. A composed and silent pain. “There are many deaths in the workplace, that work which is dignity, fulfillment, which allows a dignified life. Nino loved his work with such strength and joy, he wanted to progress and reach ever higher goals”. Monsignor Gaetano Tripodo said in his homily that he officiated the mass and that he had words of comfort and consolation for Nino’s mother, sister, family and friends. He described him as a caring son, an affable young man, attached to his family. “Nino – he said – certainly distinguished himself at work but above all he achieved his goals in family life with his attachment to his mother and sister especially after the loss of his father”. Many young people were present, friends, students of the Caio Duilio nautical institute, work colleagues, there was also the mayor Federico Basile, the leaders of Caronte&Tourist Franza and Matacena, trade unionists and many people. At the end of the mass, messages full of affection from Nino’s sister, girlfriend and friends were read. Finally, a long applause and a release of white balloons accompanied the exit of the coffin from the church while the ships’ sirens sounded.
Antonino Donato, Nino to everyone, was the second officer of the Cartour Delta, one of the Caronte&Tourist ships that covers the Messina-Salerno route. A tractor maneuvering on the quay of Pier 26 ran over him, also hitting the ship’s first officer, also from Messina, who was seriously injured.