Pd-M5s alliance exploits in Sardinia, but caution remains on the “wide field”


By John

While Giuseppe Conte and Elly Schlein they board the plane together for Cagliari, their respective parties are in agitation for a result that, whatever happens, they both consider positive. The M5s candidate Alessandra Todde keeps the centre-right on tenterhooks until the last ballot. A circumstance which for many demonstrates a fact: if united, Pd and M5s can be competitive. But beware of reading the flight to Cagliari as a definitive take-off of the so-called “wide field”. Even less, it can be interpreted as the signing of the definitive “yellow-red” agreement in view of the next electoral appointments.

If anything, Todde’s result could be a good omen for the upcoming Abruzzo administrative elections and could give new energy to close the games that are still open. In order: Basilicata, Piedmont and Umbria. There is no agreement in all four Regions. And the watchword remains “prudence”.

The first to announce the flight to Cagliari is Conte. “Whatever happens, I want to hug our Alessandra Todde» he says before leaving. “Whether we win or lose, it will still have been an extraordinary result,” she explains. A phrase that condenses the hope for a historic result: the Movement’s first candidate to lead an Italian region. Among those closest to the M5s president, it is underlined that the trip to Sardinia is an autonomous choice that the president made after the first hours of counting by taking the first available vote. The Democratic secretary, however, bought the ticket already in the morning, they explain from the Schlein front. To greet Todde, with whom he has formed a partnership over time, and to demonstrate closeness to the PD militants. Which, barring any surprises, will be the first party in Sardinia.

Flying over the Tyrrhenian Sea, greetings and exchanges of impressions between the two, after having toured the island far and wide during the electoral campaign without ever having met. Moreover, Todde herself – perhaps hoping for the Tommasi effect which kept the leaders away in Verona and won – had preferred a “Sardinian” campaign finale, therefore without politicians from the “continent”.

Despite flying together, the atmosphere on both fronts seems not to have completely changed, at least in the first hours after the vote. “Without Pd you can’t win”, explain Dem sources, underlining the party’s primacy on the island. On the part of the M5s, however, the votes that also converged on the other lists for the Sardinian candidate without party symbols are indicated and above all “the importance of a strong candidate who helps in generating consensus” is highlighted. In short, the weights within the coalition certainly count. The M5s, which has always asked for “a relationship of equals” from the Democratic Party in view of the alliances still to be made, holds the point. “Where there has been an open discussion and we started from the needs of the citizens, as in Sardinia, – explains those closest to President Conte – we have managed to find an agreement and achieve an important result”.

But, it is noted, «the specificity of Sardinia cannot be applied in photocopy in Basilicata and Piedmont, for example». The line remains that of caution: no to cold mergers or electoral cartels, “let’s start with the programs and the territories”. Looking to the future, PD sources explain: “the spirit of the secretary has always been united in the choice of candidates and this will be the case for future occasions.” Parliamentary sources from the Democratic Party raise doubts. «The 5s can now take advantage of the opportunity to be more generous or close in on themselves», someone points out. But it is Dario Franceschini, promoter of the Giallorossi alliance to break the deadlock. «Sardinia indicates that the path taken amidst a thousand difficulties in September 2019 was the right one. Now it must be undertaken with conviction and generosity”, he writes. Lines in which more than one person perceives an encrypted message to the Dem minority, which has always been skeptical about the association with the Five Star Movement. Minority that remains silent and waits for Wednesday for the analysis. Meanwhile, more than a few in the Schlein area warn: “they don’t have an alternative recipe, we need to continue to insist on Piedmont and Basilicata too.”