Pd-M5S, margins for an agreement in Vibo: we start again from a working lunch


By John

Evidence of dialogue between the Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party a few days after the standoff, recorded during the last confrontation between the centre-left forces. Well, upon input from the dem city secretary Francesco ColelliYesterday the five-star deputy Riccardo Tucci and the Democratic Party candidate Enzo Romeowho has been on the field for days now, after the acclamation of his party’s assembly.
It all happened again around a table.

This time, not the center-left table, but that of a well-known restaurant in old Vibo. A working lunch, to define structures and strategies in view of the next rounds of a match that promises to be very complex. In any case, caught outside the club, Riccardo Tucci and Enzo Romeo, lying down and smiling, reiterated how a platform for discussion exists. The biggest obstacles to be removed, to arrive at a single coalition that allows the progressive area to play a very complex game, should the center-right forces come together. Many aspects of the discussion revolve around the primaries.